Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation (LIRC) is a non-profit community development organization made up of concerned residents, business owners, members of long standing neighborhood institutions and other individuals. The organization was created to facilitate economic development, eliminate blight and deterioration, guard against future deterioration and protect the cultural essence of the community.


About Us

Little Italy Redevelopment Corporation was formed in 1994 in response to the need for a community development organization in the Little Italy area.  LIRC’s mission is to guide the Little Italy community into the future while improving and preserving the ethnic, historic, and artistic aspects of the neighborhood by employing the following goals:
1.    To increase owner occupied housing in both new and existing housing stock.
2.    To assist business owners in improving their commercial properties and promoting Little Italy as a vital shopping, dining and entertainment destination.
3.    To maintain the historic architectural elements of Little Italy reflecting the area’s status as a city of Cleveland historic district.
4.    To promote community involvement and consensus in the planning, preservation, and development efforts of the community.
5.    To aid in housing code enforcement to maintain property values.


 LIRC is funded through several sources:
•    Financial support from City of Cleveland Ward 6 Councilman Blaine Griffin
•    Community Development block grant funds (CDBG) administered by the City of Cleveland Department of Community Development.
•    Yearly membership dues.
•    Fundraising revenue